CONSTELACIONES artist collective embodies collective healing through kinship and vulnerability—rejecting isolation, silence, and disconnection in the face of trauma. Drawing from interdisciplinary practices that include sculpture, performance, installation, sound, and video, artists Roewan Crowe (Winnipeg, MB), Doris Difarnecio (Chile, Argentina, Brazil), Christina Hajjar (Winnipeg, MB), Monica Martinez (Edmonton, AB), and Helene Vosters (Toronto, ON) engage in a process-based trans-hemispheric collaboration. CONSTELACIONES explores the reflective remains of their series of performances: “Lake Winnipeg,” “Wrapping Atacama,” “Return Atacama,” and “Echoes: North…North.”

Read our digital book! Return Atacama: Engaging Histories of Political Violence Through Performance and Durational Witnessing edited by Dr. Roewan Crowe and Dr. Helene Vosters, HemiPress, 2019.